The market has changed. Has your home value?
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Sure, it’s possible to sell a home without a real estate agent – people do it all the time. But ask them if they’d do it again, and many will confess the time, effort, and hassle just isn’t worth the marginal savings. The reality is, they likely left money on the table!

Imagine fielding phone calls and appointments, handling constant marketing and advertising, wading through stacks of paperwork, deciphering legal terms, and negotiating through inspections, appraisals, title issues – to name a few! Wouldn’t you rather focus on finding and getting settled into your next home?

So leave the selling to Sara Lee – an expert negotiator, marketer and, problem solver! I not only understand your needs; I anticipate them. My past broker experience managing 20+ agents has provided a knowledge-base to reference in almost any situation that may arise. It is my mission to keep your home visible in all the right places, protect your interests throughout the process, keep you informed at every step and help you close the best deal possible on your home.

Call me today and we will discuss your goals. Curious what the market data reveals in your area, CLICK HERE for a free estimate of your property’s value.

I look forward to working with you to get your home #SOLDBYSARALEE